​Special thanks to our friend Leila Mullen Photography for always being there to capture the moment.  

Hi, I'm Ashley

... and that is my husband/camera man/business partner and our fur-daughter, Luna the Staffordshire Terrier. We also have two horses, a kitty and a bearded dragon. If we aren't doing a photoshoot, our Saturday afternoons can consist of a trip to one of Florida's natural springs, spending time with family, trying out a new recipe for dinner, or relaxing on the couch with a good book or one of our favorite Netflix shows. We're pretty spontaneous, you can often find us at the local taco truck or Taco Bell (or as we call it: our second home).

I have bipolar disorder that was discovered after my brother's death in 2016, and am very open about my personal journey with mental health. I am an online undergrad student at the University of Florida, with a major in psychology. The mind is a beautiful thing, and oh-so interesting!

I've loved all forms of art since I can remember. Whether it be painting, taking photographs, drawing, etc.  Nature is my true love: the sun, the trees, the grass, animals, earth in general. God's artwork is my favorite subject to admire and photograph. 

Capturing raw emotion and telling a story with my photographs is my goal. I am committed to capturing the details that make you, YOU, and providing images that not only reflect your life, but tell a story that can be cherished for years to come. The typical pose and smile portraits are not my style, I love genuine, candid moments and would consider myself to be a lifestyle type photographer. God has placed this calling on my life, and I'm just doing my best to follow it. Whatever His will, is where I will go. I look forward to many years behind my lens. :)