​Special thanks to our friend Leila Mullen Photography for always being there to capture the moment.  

Hi, I'm Ashley

... and that is my husband/camera man/business partner and our fur-daughter, Luna the Staffordshire Terrier. We also have two horses, a kitty and a bearded dragon. If we aren't doing a photoshoot, our Saturday afternoons can consist of a trip to one of Florida's natural springs, spending time with family, trying out a new recipe for dinner, or relaxing on the couch with a good book or one of our favorite Netflix shows. We're pretty spontaneous, you can often find us at the local taco truck or Taco Bell (or as we call it: our second home). 

I've loved all forms of art since I can remember. Whether it be painting, taking photographs, drawing, etc.  Nature is my true love: the sun, the trees, the grass, God's artwork is my favorite subject to admire and photograph. 

Capturing raw emotion and telling a story with my photographs is my goal. I am committed to capturing the details that make you, YOU, and providing images that not only reflect your life, but tell a story that can be cherished for years to come. God has placed this calling on my life, and I'm just doing my best to follow it. Whatever His will, is where I will go. I look forward to many years behind my lens. :)